Photo Retouching using Artificial Intelligence.

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Okay so check me out there taking natural lighting effects photoshop pictures of the location. you could be taking natural picture lighting effects and using a reflector or maybe even using a strobe photoshop add create light in photoshop source that can go to war with the sun and allow you to control the exposure of your subject and your sky.

The one thing you have no control over is mother nature. sometimes she’s going to give you some EPIC best budget low light photoshop camera and clouds. sometimes she’s going to give you a blue sky.

this is the right ever since i started using luminar ai i look at bring skies differently. because with a click of a button.

i’m able to take my images to the next level using sky ai and not only that it now has some dope ai portrait editing tools makes retouching hair in photoshopa breeze.

This Short right Here Is good but I am gonna take it to The next level watch This When I open up The photo in Lightroom.

I am gonna go to the photo Editing and then send I offer to Luminar AI the ai software Then recommended certain templates.

based on what it thinks would look best this template does more. Then just color it enhances And select other Part of the photo.

using AI i Normally convert my photos by Clipping Path Service to Black and white but the one This one’s looking good next. I am gonna go right To the sky panel and I am gonna see which Sky looks best for this Photo once.

I find I am also about to defocus It too match the depth of field On the photo who is his super important To make it look real. I can use this Horizontal slider to shift the cloud up And down to find that Perfect sweet spot and Then I do my final stakes like the close gap slider To really fine Tune dost edges by the Bridge.

I am gonna hate over to enhance AI.Use the sky enhancer To bring some drama To the Sky in the clouds now I am going to the portrait tools. I am going Start with face hair. I am going to ai Face exposure.

On her face and slim it just a little bit since I am shooting so close to her With a wider lens I am going to make Har ise stunt out bhai tweaking.

This is a slider and I am going to lighten up The circles. under her eyes a But now I want to smoothen The skin. So I am going to portrait retouching service rate skin is the most time consuming part of my process Easily.

And here you can do it using a Simple slider. if you are looking for that Barbie skin however this Is not going to give it to you. but it Will give you a nice smooth Look will still retain the texture and the detail in the skin.

Once I found my sweet spot for this photo. I am going to cover the composition And get my line straight. And pop out that reflector That’s popping Out on the right. Then we click apply and then the image goes back to the lightroom.

This is where I normally would use my personal colour presets But there is no colour here. So I am going to make some final adjustment. Like adding a little contrast deepening the black and little bit and I am Done.

The most important Thing when it comes to to photo retouching skin And making skin smooth. is you went to keeping the you went to retain the texture Abhi skin you want to be able to still see the pores Of the skin.

Anybody could just apply a layer of Blur. or go in the lightroom and turn That texture slider. That’s not going to do it, that’s Not doesn’t look good. Luminar has skin and what isn’t.

It’s giving you smooth skin while retaining The texture super first and easy. Let’s dive A little deeper into these portrait tools whenever I retouch a photo. I usually start with Anyways so we are going to start With skin. Let’s just bump the amount.

All the way to 100 and let’s see the difference here. That’s before and there after, Before and after ok so a couple Things I noticed you see right. here right under the eye.

do you see the line and all this It kind of just messes it. Brings it all together nice And smooth sea right here some of the bumps On the skin again Smooth right it doesn’t touch The lips it doesn’t transit teeth.

Which is important right? And doesn’t go on the eyes but One thing I do not is that it does kind of go on the hair right here. And now normally it’s not a big deal to smooth out the hair. But if you did want to remove That is very easy you click this Brush right hair and that’s what?

It’s for you click the erase Right here and all you’re going to do It’s just run this over the Hair that’s by the face and is going to remove the blur that is going on to the hair. simple us that click it again now when we go in you’re going to see.

Now before and after seeing the blur is not photography retouching the hair anymore she’s going on the skin. And that is like the perfect amount of the blur person Looks like a human being. They are not going to look like Barbie dolls.

Skin defects there aren’t many defects there aren’t any defects. On the skin actually. So this tool is not going to do anything because there aren’t any e defects right.

So now let’s back up just a tad. Where are going to face a face ai is great for when you have a face that’s dark a little bit underexposed you can add some light on to the face here see. i’m gonna bump it up all the way.

It just focuses light on the face and that’s great because the face should be the focus of the portrait um here. because I use my External lighting and I think I got the lighting pretty much good out of camera.

I am not gonna use this too much i’m not. Because I went there to be a little bit of shadow on that Side. So I am gonna just bump it up. Just a tad slim face I don’t need a slim face.

I am going to to all the it’s going to look probably It’s going to look funny. I don’t need Some face because I am smoothing with A longer lens when we are smoothing With a lence you may went To slim the face. because you are distorting the face a little bit. so I don’t need that right now. So I am going to just I am gonna level it just Like that. let’s open Abhi’s eyes and the mouth panels.

Ice it’s really cool we can do with the eyes here ok?

iris You can change the color Of the Iris. in the eye You can go blow who is that look really crazy.

Actually let’s turn that down so yeah that Yeah let’s turn that down um you can go brown You can go Grey hazel You can do whatever you want to do.

For me I like to keep my portraits as natural as possible.

so i’m not gonna touch that iris flare This is good for like Lips Tu to pretend Like there was a reflector under then like right here.

I am not gonna Use that because there is no reflector. Any light for photoshop source coming up from the bottom. I am not going to turn that on. My favourite tool in The eyes is the Ice this is a horse going to sharpen.

what is going to to sharpen up that iris. And really bring it out see that I love that so eye enhancer is My favourite one eye whitening you want to be careful again.

Because this can get cheesy i’ve seen this before you don’t want to just Over use this tool her Eyes Are already white. so I am not Gonna use a lot of it. I am gonna just Use a very subtle amount of this is a before And after. See that, natural subtle But sharp where governor you can enlarge the eyes.

This is great for well someone’s Like squinting or You know no want to just bring out the eyes right.

I think maybe just a little bit of word work here. I think ok I like that would work. I don’t want to go too crazy. Again I want to keep it as Natural as possible.

And let’s go red eye normal we don’t have any Red Eye dark Circle. so this Brightness up The bottom of the eye. As you see here and She does not have a dark circle here.

That little there’s no dark circle There’s just that normal darkness Under these eyes which. You should not remove that natural Leave it here.

When you Turn this up all the way it does lighten That of a little bit I would rather have it. Dark hair It works here it looks natural. I am going to leave that alone. improving Eyebrows with this slider you can do that.

I would just slightly slightly bump that up. and now the mouth we got the lip saturation let’s Just bump this all up so you can see. What it does is widens of the teeth that’s a 1 grade tool to have.

I am not going to use any Of this really because I think it is not necessary. Maybe just use a Little bit of it. Let’s try this like this. Let me see Before and after. That’s fine.

So now we are going to leave faceting Where going. ai body ai is great for trimming brown people always how many times have people ask you if they can make you look good in photoshop.

People just want to see themselves look nice and Slim in the pictures and plus pictures do add on a couple pounds.

Eat allows you to change the shape of the person whether you went to add a little bit of weight. whether you went to slim them down a little bit that’s up to you.

Elizabeth does not need any of that here. She is perfectly fine the way. She has an abdomen again. She does not need any kind of body. shaping but it’s nice that option.

Here the before and after, before and after, before and after. Look at the skin, look how nice and smooth.

I told you a little bit about what hot templates are. They are not just colour presets They actually Make others changes to the photo like. Some many slim the body down and enhance the eyes.

All at a click of a button. if you don’t like on think you can go Into the edit tab. and It will show you the changes it made. so you can decide whether or not you want it composition ai.

Will try to choose the best photo crop For your photo. Erase AI in my opinion is a spa helping brush on steroids you can easily Highlight something that you Vent removed from the photo.

And artificial intelligence will do the rest. This is amazing For moving distracting elements in a picture. I already told you about the sky and how I feel about it. This is my Favourite feature of lumina AI.

You can control the ambient and flash Exposure in camera. Like I did for this photo but you can not control the weather and the sky.

This allows me to have Even more control of my photo. My favourite tool for fine tuning colour is one Super contrast gives you a lot more control. It highlights the mind tones and the Shadows. And colour harmony which gives You just overall More control of the colour In photo.

And they if you are wondering what the best export settings R for social media. I like to resize my images as 2048px. on the long edge medium sharpen and i always use PNG format.

One thing I love about Lumina AI is that It’s not forcing you into A whole new program Like dropping everything that you are doing. You need to learn this now. I love the fact that they’re offering it as a plug-in.

because i like my workflow and a lot of you guys like your workflow right now. your current workflow is working for you. Well my workflow consists of lightroom and photoshop. and i’m able to use luminar ai as a plug-in that is perfect for me.

it’s like adding a tool in your toolkit rather than just swapping. it out with another one you know what. i’m saying there are things that I can do in luminaria.

that i can’t do or i don’t know how to do lightroom and photoshop. There are things that I can do in photoshop. but i just don’t know how or it takes too long. I’m able to do it super fast in luminar air.

if anyone out there is interested in trying out luminar ai for yourself. I’m gonna leave a link down below but i am gonna give you one tip okay?

make sure your computer is up for it artificial intelligence editing is kind of taxing on the computer.

So, make sure your computer is up to date. it’s modern and somewhat powerful. because you’re going to have a lot of fun in this program. i’m telling you right now there’s a lot of fun. Experimenting that you can do with your images. that you wouldn’t know how to do with other programs? it’s just a lot of fun you have to check it out the link will be down below hopefully you enjoyed this Articles.

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